Your First Visit to Katy Smiles Center Here

Your First Visit to Katy Smiles Center Here

Here at our office in Katy, TX, our skilled Katy Smiles Center doctors and staff do their best to make every new patient feel comfortable and at home. We want our patients to know that we really care about their oral health and have their best interests in mind. It can be overwhelming to be loaded down with paperwork on your very first visit, so we try to keep that to a minimum where possible. Of course, filling out a couple short forms will be required, it won’t be anything too drastic.

What to Expect

On your first visit, you will typically meet your new dentist and get to know them a little. An X-ray will be performed on your mouth to see the positioning of your emerged teeth as well as any that might still remain not yet erupted. Your dentist will evaluate the best course of action for your smile in particular. The following personalized care plan will be discussed with you based on your unique situation.

Your previous medical history will be discussed as well so your care team knows what medicines you may be allergic to, etc.

You should inform the staff of any medications you have been taking recently or are currently taking, as well as any recent surgery you may have had. The contact information of your current physician may also be shared. This way, your dentist will become an integral part of your overall health and care team.

After your initial visit, it is recommended to follow through with any suggested appointments that your dentist makes, as well as a regular checkup just to keep an eye on your oral health. Maintaining oral health is important for other organs like your heart. Make sure that you don’t neglect it! Visit our office in Katy, TX, today!