Considering dentures in Katy, TX? Everyone wants beautiful teeth, and the citizens of Katy, Texas are no exception! What if you are missing some or all of your teeth? Are you all out of options? The answer is no!

About Our Dentures in Katy

First of all, it is important to establish what exactly is a denture. Dentures are artificial teeth and gums placed in your mouth with an adhesive. Those that are the main candidates for such an implant are those with a lack of teeth in the mouth. Without any or all of your teeth, things in the mouth begin to shift and make it virtually impossible to chew or speak with ease; they also keep the mouth structure sound with added support around the cheeks and the lips. Dentures come in two coverage options– full or partial. The severity of your tooth loss is what your dentist will look at when recommending one of these options.

Katy Denture Material

Dentures are usually made out of a resin composite, porcelain or plastic. Unlike the ingredients in natural occurring teeth, these are known to wear out fast and be more fragile. This is important because this dictates the care the patient will give to their individual dentures. Patients will have to replace even the most cared for dentures about every five years or so.

Dentures & Partials Katy, TX

  • Full Dentures Katy, TX– Just like the name suggests, this option is for those with no natural teeth. An entire mouth of porcelain, plastic or hard resin teeth will be fitted to the patient’s mouth, making sure there is a seamless fit leaving you with a set of natural-looking teeth.
  • Partial Dentures Katy, TX– Partial dentures can be used instead of other tooth replacement procedures such as bridges or veneers. The partial denture is fitted to live in conjunction with the natural teeth.
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