While playing sports, we wear many types of padding and equipment that is meant to protect us. Helmets protect our heads from being harmed during a tackle, shin guards prevent our shins from getting whacked during a game of soccer, and mouthguards are instrumental in protecting your teeth and mouth. However, mouthguards are often not kept in the same regard as other forms of protection.

Custom Mouthguards Katy, TX

It is estimated that mouthguards are effective in preventing thousands of oral injuries on a yearly basis. Their soft and absorbent quality is very effective for absorbing the stress and trauma that would normally have impacted the teeth. To further ensure that an athlete’s teeth and mouth are protected a custom sports mouthguard is ideal. By allowing us to create a custom mouthguard, it ensures a perfect and tight fit. This removes any spaces inside the mouthguard and offers even more absorption of pressure!

Nightguards Katy, TX

Do you ever wake up in the mornings with a sore jaw or a slight headache? You could be grinding your teeth in your sleep and not even know it. If left untreated, night grinding, also referred to as bruxism, can lead to worn down teeth, cracked or fractured teeth or more serious issues like TMJ. To prevent further damage to the teeth, a custom night mouthguard should be worn each night. This absorbs the pressure of the force of the grinding to prevent further damage to occur.

Get Custom Mouthguards in Katy

For those that also suffer from sleep apnea or TMD, a custom dental mouthguard can also be an effective tool. Many suffer from sleep apnea because of the way their jaw and throat collapse while sleeping. A mouth guard effectively keeps the jaw in a proper position to allow for the total flow of air. It also takes stress off the jaw in order to stop TMJ from getting worse.

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