Are you worried about spaces of missing teeth in your mouth? Unfortunately for some, because of an unforeseen accident, tooth decay, or unhygienic oral habits, the reality of missing teeth is all too real. Are filling in those holes really even that important? To put it this way, two cities that are meant to coexist and rely on one another, if the citizens of each city have no way of traveling the distance between both cities, chaos ensues. While this analogy may be a bit of a stretch, it is imperative for the health of your mouth to be completely filled with teeth that really do rely on one another. With holes and spaces between teeth, your jawline can begin to shift, making less and less space where teeth used to belong. This affects your speaking, your chewing, and essentially, your health. So, what can you do to prevent all of this? Dental bridges from our Katy, TX office may be the best solution for your case.

About Our Dental Bridges in Katy

Dental bridges literally bridge the gap in between teeth that are lost. The traditional bridge is comprised of one or more artificial teeth, held in place by two dental crowns used mostly for support. Another common question amongst patients that opt to have dental bridges is what is the best option for them in terms of materials used. There is a definitely plenty of options based on the patient’s aesthetic preferences, budget, and needs. The most common, and most costly material for a dental bridge is porcelain, while gold and silver amalgam are also viable depending on each patient on an individual level.

Get Dental Bridges in Katy, TX Today

Ready to restore your smile with one of our dental bridges in Katy, TX? Whatever type of dental bridge a patient decides to receive, everyone can be rest assured knowing that their oral practicality in terms of function and aesthetics will improve while being restored and renewed for a healthier mouth. Thanks to today’s technology and techniques, most dental bridges are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. If you live in the Katy, Texas area, make sure to contact Katy Smiles Center to make an appointment for dental bridges in Katy today!