Teeth can be extracted for a few different reasons, but no matter the case, it could be a little scary for any patient. The very idea of someone going into your mouth to yank a tooth is gut-wrenching for some people. However, if your dentist wants to pull a tooth, it is more likely than not that it will end up being good for your health or your smile. Sometimes a tooth needs to be pulled to alleviate an overcrowded smile; other times, teeth must be pulled because they can’t be saved from decay due to an infection or cavity.

Essentially, there are two types of tooth extractions: regular tooth extractions and wisdom tooth extractions. Both regular tooth extractions as well as wisdom tooth extractions in Katy, TX, are easily taken care of in our office in Katy, TX. Let’s break down both types for you.

Regular Tooth Extractions Katy, TX

This type of tooth extraction is usually performed because the tooth has been damaged severely and cannot be treated with a root canal, filling crown, or any other measure. Your dentist will X-ray the area and determine their course of action. The X-ray will help the dentist to understand your tooth’s relation to the rest of the teeth and provide them with a guide to the best way to extract it.

The area will either be locally numbed, or you can choose sedation dentistry, and your dentist can use a different sedation method to ensure that you feel no pain. Your tooth or teeth will then be extracted by your dentist with the assistance of other trained professionals.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions Katy, TX

Wisdom teeth don’t have to be damaged by a cavity for your dentist to want to remove them. Many times, wisdom teeth grow in at an angle that will eventually cause your teeth to be misaligned and cause you a lot of pain. If your dentist sees this is the case, they will suggest that the teeth are extracted, sometimes even before they emerge from your gum line.

Whichever the case is for you personally, either of these procedures can be performed quickly and relatively pain-free in our office in Katy, TX. We hope to see you soon!