Dental implants are an important step in a variety of different other procedures. They allow a dentist to more securely fasten artificial teeth, dentures, and bridges into place without a problem. Essentially, dental implants are fused to the jawbone to allow for the secure fastening of other dental equipment.

About Our Dental Implants Near Texas

Since the posts or frames that make up dental implants are fused to your jawbone, they provide a stable base for replacement teeth and bridges. Dental implants help your dentist to secure bridges and replacement teeth without the worry that they will slip or move once they are secured into place. Dental implants help the subsequently placed bridges, teeth, and even crowns, to feel more natural than traditional bridges, replacement teeth, and crowns. Since they feel more solid and secure, they will feel more natural in your mouth.

Traditionally, a bridge will be placed in the mouth between two other natural teeth to secure a new replacement tooth. The problem with traditional bridges is that two other teeth in your mouth that may not necessarily have any problem must be prepared. Your teeth would be filed down on the side that the new tooth would be going so that a bridge could be fastened to the natural teeth. With dental implants, this is unnecessary. You can install bridges and replacement teeth without the need for altering any other natural teeth.

Requirements for Dental Implants in Katy

Interested in dental implants in 77494? Although implants make life easier for people who need a replacement tooth, not everyone is a candidate for them. In order to receive dental implants, you must have healthy gums as well as sufficient bone in your jaw. This makes supporting the implant possible.

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If you elect for a dental implant, you must remember that strict oral hygiene is important or you could cause your mouth more damage than good. Dental implants can make your life easier. Feel free to book a consultation at Katy Smiles Center in Katy, TX!