Dental Exams & Dental Cleaning in Katy, TX

Dental Exams & Dental Cleaning in Katy, TX

Dental exam and cleaning appointments lay dormant in our phone calendars. As soon as we get one of our dental exams in Katy, TX done, the next is already scheduled! Are dental exams in Katy really all that important? Or can we get by with less of these trips to the dentist? Well, it is no secret that our oral health plays a big role in our overall health. Our mouths are one of the first things people see when we interact with them on a day to day basis. Why wouldn’t we want to keep our mouths as healthy as we possibly could with dental cleanings in Katy? In the following paragraphs, we will discuss 5 reasons why you should never miss a dental exam or dental cleaning in Katy, TX ever again.

5 Reasons Why Dental Exams & Cleanings Are Important

1. To prevent gum disease
In order to keep gum disease at bay Katy dental cleanings and exams are essential. Gum disease is brought on by infections to the gums surrounding the teeth, as this is one of the leading causes of tooth and bone loss, which is ultimately much more costly. As invasive as this kind of disease is, it is preventable.

2. To help detect oral cancer
A professional dentist is very diligent in their exams. In these types of exams, an extensive and thorough screening of oral cancer is conducted. The best way to combat cancer to detect it early on and consistent exams allow this to be done in a timely manner.

3. To have a healthy smile
Teeth cleanings remove plaque, keep the surface of teeth clean and ultimately boost your confidence. If you feel as though your mouth is clean and healthy, you will be more inclined to smile and feel good about yourself.

4. To maintain good oral health
Exams and cleaning allow for your dentist to keep a good track of how your dental health is coming along. Any progress or detraction from your oral hygiene will be well documented allowing you to be fully aware of all that is going on in your mouth. Again, preventing anything unhealthy from going on in your mouth is beneficial in the long and grand scheme of things.

5. To help maintain good overall health
When your mouth is healthy, you’re healthy, plain and simple. Stay healthy and make an appointment at Katy Smiles Center in Katy, Texas. Don’t delay!