Are you unsatisfied with the look or feel of your natural teeth? Considering dental crowns in Katy, TX? If this is the case, you are not alone. Most of us want a beautiful, but most importantly, healthy smile that makes us feel good about showing off our pearly whites. Not all of us are naturally given such teeth, though. Thanks to modern technology in oral care, everyone is given this opportunity! In Katy, TX a comfortable, quick and convenient trip to Katy Smiles Center will get you that much closer to a smile you can be proud of.

Dental Crowns Katy

One option to fix any oral problems you might have are dental crowns. To begin, dental crowns are essentially “caps” put on top of teeth to fix a plethora of problems. Reasons to get dental crowns are not limited to, but can include:

  • To protect a week tooth, most likely weak from decay.
  • Restoration of a worn down or severely damaged tooth.
  • To cover or support a tooth which has had most of the natural tooth filled.
  • The final step in protecting or covering a dental implant.
  • In order to make a cosmetic dental modification.

As you can see, you may be more of a candidate of dental crowns than you may think! What about the materials they can be made of? What is the right option for you? Read on to find out!

About Our Dental Crowns in Katy, TX

Most crowns are made of a few different materials, all having different benefits and drawbacks. These include metals, stainless steel, ceramic and porcelain. It is best to talk to your dentist before deciding which is best for you. Dental crowns can also come as partial or full crown options. Partial crowns are best for those with only parts of teeth that need fixing while full dental crowns are used for teeth that need a little bit more fixing.

Contact Katy Smiles Center in Katy, TX to speak to your dentist about your options! We’d be happy to evaluate your smile to determine if our Katy dental crowns are right for you.

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