7 Tips from Your Emergency Dentist in Katy, Texas

7 Tips from Your Emergency Dentist in Katy, Texas

Sep 27, 2018

The start of a new school year means busier schedules and your kids back to playing their active sports. Each new day brings a new plan, but sometimes unexpected situations are thrown your way. For example, a broken or chipped tooth during your child’s practice may bring sudden panic to everyone involved. Our team at Katy Smiles Center ss eager to provide our patients with helpful tips on what to do during a dental emergency. Continue reading on to learn of seven tips to keep in mind when under a dental emergency.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can involve the following situations:

  • A broken tooth
  • A broken or lost dental restoration
  • Severe toothache
  • Injury involving the gums
  • A large object stuck between teeth

If pain is involved, then it typically signifies a dental emergency, which means it needs immediate attention. Below are seven things to do when undergoing a dental emergency:

  1. Stay Calm. Give yourself a second to take a few deep breaths which will help you think more clearly.
  2. Call Us. Call our team right away to schedule your appointment or for help on what to do in the moment.
  3. Rinse with Warm Water. The risk of infection is increased with any dental injury. therefore it is important to rinse with warm water and eliminate any debris.
  4. Use Pressure. If there is blood involved, then use a piece of gauze to apply light pressure until the bleeding stops.
  5. Keep the Tooth Wet. In order to save the tooth and needs to be kept inside the mouth or in a container of milk. After a tooth is removed from the mouth, it is only viable for up to two hours.
  6. Use a Cold Compress. A bag of ice can help to eliminate swelling or diminish pain.
  7. Have Some Else Drive. Get support from a family member or friend and have them drive you to our dental office. Head trauma can be a concern when dealing with a dental emergency.
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