Wisdom Tooth Extraction: 3 Facts You Need to Know

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: 3 Facts You Need to Know

Oct 31, 2018

Wisdom tooth extraction is an extremely common dental procedure that many have performed in their teenage years. Many can agree that they are not looking forward to experiencing it, but in the following article we will try to make wisdom tooth extraction seem much more simple. Let’s discuss three facts that you should know about getting your wisdom teeth removed.

1. Wisdom tooth extraction is a common dental procedure.

Wisdom tooth extraction, as presented earlier, is extremely common. According to statistics, about 10 million molars are removed in just the US each year. A wisdom tooth extraction is simply a process to remove one or more of your third molars. These molars are the last set of teeth to erupt and can usually develop between the ages of 17 and 25. The average person develops all for molars, some develop bless, and some don’t grow any wisdom tooth at all.

2. Wisdom tooth can cause oral health problems and even life-threatening conditions.

While the development of wisdom teeth is not generally a bad thing, it can become problematic when creating a domino effect to start health problems. Wisdom teeth often can cause infection, cysts, tumors, and damage to nearby teeth and gums. Wisdom teeth can also begin serious damage on vital organs such as the heart and the kidney if an infection is discovered at an advanced age. These conditions usually result when a tooth is impacted, but tooth decay and other oral problems can also result in fully erupted molars.

3. Wisdom tooth extraction is bearable.

It is extremely important to know that wisdom tooth extraction is typically done through a surgical procedure. Depending on how difficult and you need your case may be, the use of a local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia, can make the extraction of your wisdom teeth much more bearable. Regardless of the circumstances, all of these options and sure that you don’t experience any pain during your surgery. Making your experience much more comfortable.

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