When Do You Start Brushing Baby’s Teeth?

When Do You Start Brushing Baby’s Teeth?

Dec 01, 2018

At times, it can seem like a chore to clean your teeth. This applies to adults and kids alike. For a growing child, good oral hygiene habits are especially important. Proper brushing and flossing and visits to your pediatric dentist in Katy helps kids develop a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

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Start oral care early by brushing your baby’s gums. You can clean an infant’s mouth even before any teeth erupt. With a warm, damp washcloth, rub the baby’s gums gently and rinse with clean water. This simple process will remove food particles and bacteria. Also gently rub inside the cheeks and wipe the surface of the tongue.

How To Brush Primary Teeth

Primary or baby teeth are crucial to your child’s dental health. Caring for baby teeth early in life ensures proper development of adult teeth.

As your child’s teeth develop and grow, you can introduce new brushing habits. Around 4–8 months the first baby tooth usually erupts. When it does, you can begin to use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean their mouth. This is also the time to schedule a visit with your dentist in Katy.

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During your first visit, your pediatric dentist will provide oral care education and demonstrate how to brush your baby’s teeth.

  • Make sure the room is well-lit so you have a clear view of all your child’s teeth. To get the best brushing angle, seat your child on your knee and tilt back their head. An older child can stand in front of or behind the younger sibling and slightly tilt back their head.
  • Use a pea-size amount of ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste.
  • Make small circular motions and make sure to cover all surfaces of the baby teeth.
  • Encourage your child to spit out all the toothpaste once brushing is done
  • Rinse gently with water so the fluoride remains on the teeth
  • Supervise your child’s oral hygiene routine until at least age 6 or 7.
  • When two or more teeth touch each other, it is time to start flossing.

It helps to make brushing time fun and less of a chore for kids. You can start by letting kids select their toothbrush. There are many colors, and toothbrush varieties based on characters and movies.  In addition, there is an assortment of toothpaste flavors available for children.

Lead by Example

Teach kids about the importance of good oral hygiene and how they can take care of their mouths. Show children that you take your brushing and flossing habit very seriously. Make brushing a family activity, do it together and make it a daily activity that kids look forward to doing. Turn teeth brushing into a fun family game. You could create stories or sing songs while you brush together.

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Now that you know when to start brushing your baby’s teeth, don’t forget to schedule six months checkups with your dentist in Katy for regular exams and cleanings. Your dental hygienist or dentist can also provide tips and techniques for easy and efficient brushing.

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