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What is Involved in a Root Canal?

Jan 01, 2019

There are a lot of dental procedures which are performed on teeth but a procedure that irks fear in most of us is the Root canal procedure. But with the passage of time, the scenario has changed. The advanced techniques have made Katy Root Canal Treatment almost pain-free. Instead of worrying about the root canal, try to gather more information about it.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

When a cavity damages the enamel of the tooth, the pulp inside the tooth gets infected. When the infection spreads it can also lead to abscess in the jawbone and pulling the teeth is not the solution. You would need a Root Canal treatment. The treatment has become less painful and in fact it will help in getting rid of the pain.

The Root Canal Procedure

During the Root Canal Treatment in Katy, the first step is numbing the site so that you don’t feel the pain during procedure. The dentist will then drill the center of your tooth and access the pulp and roots. A fine tool will be used by dentist for cleaning the infected tissues in the roots and the abscess.

Once the infected material is removed from the tooth, you will be left with an empty tooth and the drilled channels are filled with permanent compound for protecting the interior of the tooth to prevent further damage. The dentist may also place a crown on the tooth which will offer a natural look to your tooth.


In some cases the Root Canal 77494 may be not enough for restoring the health of damaged tooth and extraction is the only option. A tooth which is at the back and not much visible can be removed but if a tooth from front is removed, it can become a matter of concern. Here, the tooth can be replaced with the help of a bridge or false tooth. Also, the tooth extraction procedure is more painful than root canal and you are at the risk of infections from gap in the gums.

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