Understanding Bone Grafting

Understanding Bone Grafting

Jan 16, 2019

Have you ever heard of bone grafting? Wondering what it means? The bone grafting in Katy is a dental procedure where the jaw bone is restored for supporting the dental implant. For bone grafting, an incision is made in the gum and the bone grafting material is transplanted in the jawbone.

There are Four Types of Bone Grafting near Me. Here’s a Look:

  • Autogenous
  • These bone grafts are harvested from other parts of the body such as your hip or chin. These grafts are more effective than others because they use your own living cells for promoting the natural bone growth.

  • Allogenic
  • The Allogenic bone grafts come from donors. They are collected from the tissue banks for you.

  • Xenogenic
  • These bone grafts are harvested from other species which includes bovine donors.

  • Synthetic
  • The synthetic bone grafts are artificial bone material which is composed of calcium phosphate.

When Do You Need Bone Grafting in Katy, TX Today?

The bone grafting procedures are quite common and they are done as a part of preparation for the dental implants. The bone grafting is required because of the fact that implants can’t anchor themselves in the stable foundation unless there is an adequate jawbone.

How Long Does it Take to Get Dental Implants after the Bone Grafting?

If the bone grafting is minor in nature, it may be done on the same day as dental implants but if the bone grafting is major, it may require some downtime between the procedures. The dental implants will be placed 4 to 9 months after the bone grafting procedure so that the major bone grafts get enough time to fuse with the natural jawbone. On the basis of your recovery, the dentist will determine the right time to place the dental implants.

The benefit of bone grafting is restoring the bone to its previous form which may have happened due to tooth loss, trauma, or gum disease. It may also be used for maintaining bone structure after tooth extraction. There are several dentistry procedures which can benefit from bone grafting.

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