The Importance of Oral Cancer Screening (OCS)

The Importance of Oral Cancer Screening (OCS)

Feb 14, 2019

The instances of cancer are increasing day by day. It is important to take preventive measures so that the dreadful disease can be diagnosed in its early stages and treated on time. The oral cancer screening can help in diagnosis. Every six months, during your regular dental checkup, the dentist performs the intraoral examination.

The dentist not just looks for the cavities or gum disease, but also for any pathology that may have developed in your mouth. They may also check if certain area in your mouth has gotten larger or gone away since the last visit. The process is known as Oral Cancer Screening in Katy. The process is crucial in the prevention and detection of oral cancer. If the dentist observes anything unusual, they refer you to an oral surgeon or oral pathologist.

Once you reach at the oral surgeon’s clinic, the examination is repeated to look if the dentist had missed on any important information. Also, their prime objective is to identify the area of concern. Many times the abnormalities found in the mouth are non-cancerous. However, biopsy helps the oral surgeon in determining if the abnormality is cancerous or not.

The only way to get a definitive diagnosis of the problem is to have the tissues examined under high powered microscope at the pathology after the oral screening in Katy, TX has been performed. It helps the surgeon in making accurate diagnosis so that the condition can be treated. Once the doubts are confirmed, the diagnosis is reviewed during the re-evaluation appointment which is scheduled a week later.

The biopsy that is performed after the Oral Cancer Screening in 77494 is performed with local or general anesthesia. The large conditions need sedation or general anesthesia for the safety and comfort of the patient. You can discuss with your surgeon about the comfort and safety and treatment options. There are both negative and positive aspects of having your biopsy done. The goal of the surgeon’s team is to take care of the patients by detection and appropriate treatment of the oral cancer.

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