5 reasons to choose invisalign

Five Reasons to Choose Invisalign

Jun 05, 2018

In the past, straightening teeth involved uncomfortable, unattractive metal braces. Now, a more convenient option is available with Invisalign, a virtually invisible plastic aligner that discretely and gradually straightens teeth. Here are five reasons you might want to choose Invisalign.

  • It’s an easy way to correct crooked teeth.
    The procedure for Invisalign consists of wearing a series of custom-made plastic aligners. By wearing each aligner for 20-22 hours a day, and changing out aligners every week or so, the positioning and alignment of the teeth are incrementally changed. Taking care of the aligners themselves is easy, with a cleaning kit available for purchase or simply brushing and rinsing them with lukewarm water. Unlike with traditional braces, there’s no need for special flossers or waxes.
  • The aligners are removable and virtually invisible.
    One of the most inconvenient aspects of traditional braces is their appearance. Invisalign aligners have the advantage of being nearly invisible. Additionally, they are completely removable, so if you wanted to go without them for a while, such as for a special event or job interview, you have the option to do so. This makes it easy to continue cleaning your teeth as usual, as you can take them out to brush and floss and put them back in again.
  • Invisalign requires no dietary restrictions.
    Because the aligners are removable, you are still free to eat whatever you usually do, with no restrictions. Metal braces limit what you can eat as things such as popcorn, nuts, and hard candy can get stuck in or dislodge brackets.
  • There are no cumbersome wires or braces.
    The metal wires and brackets of traditional braces can be not just uncomfortable, but painful. You can hurt yourself if the end of a wire becomes exposed or by cutting your lip on a bracket. Invisalign presents neither of these problems. It’s also a great option for athletes, since they don’t have to worry about damaging their braces and can still wear their mouth guard as usual during practice or games.
  • The cost is about the same as traditional metal braces.
    With all these advantages, Invisalign that is used to treat mild to complex cases of teeth and bite misalignment costs about the same as traditional metal braces.

If Invisalign sounds like the treatment for you, book an appointment with your dentist for a consultation soon.

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