Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities

Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities

Nov 01, 2018

If you have a child, you’re probably familiar with the cavities that form on their back teeth. Dental sealants are great at helping prevent these cavities from forming in the first place. If you’re concerned about your children’s teeth, you can find dentistry in Katy, TX that will help seal their teeth, so fewer cavities form.

Dental Sealants are Easy to Apply

Dental sealants in Katy, TX are easy to apply. They are thin coatings that are applied to your child’s molars in the dental office. They cover the deep grooves of the teeth and act as a protective shield against food and germs. This helps prevent the cavities from forming. They are easy to apply and completely painless.

Talk to Your Dentist Before the First Molars Arrive

Once you find dental sealants near you at a local dentist, you should talk to the dentist about applying sealants before your child’s first molars arrive. You want to have them applied to right after the permanent molars grow in. Most kids get these around age six. The second set typically come in around age twelve.

Because sealants are usually white or clear, you likely won’t even nice the sealants when you see your child smiling or talking.

Promote Teeth Health in Your Child

Sometimes parents wonder if it’s better to put sealants on teeth or treat cavities as they raise. Most dentists will agree that preventing cavities is much better than treating them. You want to remember that once a tooth has been filled or has untreated decay, it’s no longer as healthy as a tooth that just has a sealer on it.

Sealants are 80% effective at preventing cavities for up to two years. Even after that, they continue to protect the teeth. They are 50% effective at preventing cavities for up to four years. That means your child will have healthy, happy molars for a long time if your dentist applies sealants.

Even with sealants, it’s important to teach your child proper oral hygiene. Make sure they’re brushing their teeth twice a day and using floss. When in doubt of what to give your child to drink, remember that water is the best thirst quencher there is!

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