Are Fluoride Treatments Helpful?

Are Fluoride Treatments Helpful?

Apr 27, 2018

Fluoride is a common mineral that is found abundantly in nature. Scientists and dental specialists have come to recognize the amazing effects fluoride has on teeth. When applied to a tooth’s surface this incredible mineral works to strengthen enamel (a tooth’s outer layer) as well as reverse any effects caused by the early stages of tooth decay. For decades many cities have fluoridated their water supply to combat tooth decay and cavities. However, with the rising popularity of non-fluoridated water bottles as well as advanced water purification systems, getting the proper amount of fluoride is becoming harder and harder to do.

Why Do We Need Fluoride?

Fluoride is a vital agent when it comes to the fight for healthy gums and teeth. Fluoride works hard to strengthen enamel, which in turn protects the sensitive inner tooth which contains the pulp and nerves. Enamel protection is crucial for infants and children with developing primary (baby) teeth. As these tiny teeth begin to emerge, they are immediately exposed to decay and potential damage. Fluoride will offer protection to these erupting teeth and can help to ensure a healthy smile down the line.

Fluoride treatment can be just as crucial to adult teeth as infants. As we age the number of factors that contribute to tooth decay increase drastically. Alcohol, sugary foods, and prescription medications all can cause enamel to decay faster than you might think.

Types of Fluoride Treatments

There are multiple forms of fluoride treatment available today. Topical and systemic treatments are two such treatments that many have found helpful. However, a combination of the two is the most effective for overall dental wellness. Contact your dentist at Katy Smiles Center today to see which fluoride treatment works best for your smile.

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